Trump And Barr Are Trying To Scare Lev Parnas Into Not Talking

Lev Parnas said that Donald Trump and William Barr are trying to scare him into not talking and staying silent.

Parnas said on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, “My only objective is to get the truth out because I never thought I was doing anything wrong. I still, you know, I regret certain things that I did, you know, hurting the ambassador, because that was not something, but it was part of like, when you’re in a war, you think like casualties and stuff like that, it’s bad to say, but it was, and I keep saying it was like, you know, being in a cult, and when they say organized crime, I think trump is like a cult leader. And right now, the scary part, and that’s what I keep mentioning and people don’t understand is there’s a lot of Republicans that would go against him. The only reason, if you’ll take a look, and you know very well because you have been following, the difference between why trump is so powerful now, and he wasn’t as powerful in ’16 and ’17, he became that powerful when he got William Barr.”


Parnas continued, “People are scared. Am I scared, yes, and because I think I’m more scared of our own justice department than of these criminals right now. Because, you know, the scariest part is getting locked in some room and being treated as an animal when you did nothing wrong and — or when you’re not, you know, and that’s the tool they’re using, I mean, just trying to scare me into not talking and with god’s help, and with my lawyer next to me that I know will go bad for me no matter what, with the truth, and I’m taking a chance. My wife is scared, my kids are nervous.e is scared, my kids are nervous.”

Intimidation has been the number one tool that Trump has used to silence witnesses throughout his adult life. Intimidation is why he threatens to sue people. As president, Trump’s Twitter account has been his platform for intimidating and threatening witnesses.

It is safer for Parnas to speak out than it is for him to stay silent. Trump is a cult leader, and cults tend to take action against those who try to leave.

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