Trump Is Now Pretending Like He Doesn’t Know Lev Parnas

Donald Trump is now pretending like he doesn’t know Lev Parnas, which is a sure sign that the president is busted.

Trump said:

We have gone through the Russian witch hunt. We have gone through a lot of them, from probably before I came down the escalator and certainly since I came down the escalator, look at what happened. And in the meantime, our country — doesn’t matter what you — he’s tried to probably make a deal for himself.

I don’t know who this man is other than I guess he attended fund-raisers. I take a picture with him. I take thousands and thousands of pictures with people all the time. Thousands during the course of the year. And oftentimes taking a picture with somebody and say I wonder what newspaper that one will appear in. Perhaps he’s a fine man. I know nothing about him.

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Trump continued, “I don’t know him. I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to him. I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to him. I’ve thousands of people. I meet thousands and thousands of people as president. I take thousands of pictures. And I do — I do it openly and gladly. And then if I have a picture where I’m standing with somebody at a fund-raiser like I believe I saw a picture with this man, but I don’t know him. I had never had a conversation that I remember with him.”

Parnas already knocked down Trump’s claim that he was a stranger to the president. During his Rachel Maddow interview, Parnas said, “He lied. When you say friends, me and him didn’t eat hot dogs together. I interacted with him as a lot of events. We had one-on-one conversations at roundtables. Basically I was — four or five days out of the week I was in constant contact with him. I was with Rudy when he would speak to the president, plenty of times. I mean, ludicrous.”

Trump knows Lev Parnas. There are more than a few pictures of the two of them together. Trump always pretends not to know someone when they start dropping dimes on him. It’s one of his verbal tells.

Donald Trump’s reaction is a sure sign that Lev Parnas is telling the truth.

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