Trump’s Nightmare Comes True As More Ukraine Documents Are Coming

Lev Parnas’s lawyer said on Wednesday that more Ukraine documents will be coming out as Trump’s nightmare gets bigger by the moment.

Parnas’s lawyer said on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, “We’ll continue making productions, as we get materials from the Southern District and anything we can possibly find on our own, through the cloud or whatever it may be, we’ll continue to produce things until we’re told not to.”


This is Trump’s worst nightmare. A first-hand witness who was directly involved in the Ukraine plot with physical evidence of the president’s high crimes. Parnas’s interview with Rachel Maddow took out Bill Barr and Mike Pence. Parnas probably has enough evidence against Rudy Giuliani to put him away for the rest of his life.

Republicans can try to deny the validity of Trump’s impeachment, but the evidence against this president is astounding. Not only was the president directing a shakedown operation from the Oval Office, but his crew was so inept that they appear to have left a paper trail everywhere.

The Ukraine scandal isn’t going to end with the president’s impeachment trial.

It is a situation that is crying out for criminal charges for all involved.

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