Trump Adviser On Russia Physically Removed From White House

Trump adviser on Europe and Russia issues, Andrew Peek, was removed from the White House and is under a security-related investigation.

The AP reported:
A White House adviser on Europe and Russia issues has been placed on administrative leave pending a security-related investigation, two people with knowledge of his exit said Sunday.

Andrew Peek was escorted off the White House compound on Friday, according to one of those familiar with his departure.

Peek was removed from the White House because for some reason, he was deemed a national security risk, while he is under investigation. The Trump administration has said nothing because their mission is to keep the American people as uninformed as possible about what their own government is doing.

If Peek was the victim or target of an overseas operation, he would not have been escorted off of the grounds and placed on administrative leave.

It is not every day that a presidential adviser gets removed by security because they are under investigation. The Peek story is worth watching because it is the first hint of smoke in what could be a whole lot of fire.

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