Rachel Maddow Warns That McConnell’s Rules Allow Him To Cherry-Pick Evidence


The impeachment trial rules that Mitch McConnell is proposing will allow him to cherry-pick from the evidence to create a false impression of Trump innocence.

Maddow said:

One thing that truly surprised me, I didn’t know exactly what to expect overall but I was surprised to see what appears to be no commitment to even review the evidence collected by the House when they conducted their investigation of this scandal and when they passed the articles of impeachment.

It made me wonder if they’re not committing at the outset to accept that evidence from the house, the way they did in the with Clinton impeachment, doesn’t that open up Senator Mcconnell cherry-pick specific pieces of evidence. So when ambassador Gordon Sondland got a call from the president, they accept that, but then they wouldn’t accept as evidence the part when Gordon Sondland said he didn’t believe the president on that phone call and he believes there was a quid pro quo.



No one should be surprised by what Mitch McConnell is proposing. The Senate Majority Leader bragged on Fox News that he was coordinating with Trump to rig the impeachment trial. McConnell knows no low, so he will do anything that he thinks will protect Trump and save his Senate majority.

McConnell’s plan is a national disgrace, and if he cherry-picks evidence the Senate will go down in history as the location of the nation’s democracy destroying show trial.

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