Chuck Schumer Accuses Trump Of Writing Impeachment Trial Rules


Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) accused the White House of writing Mitch McConnell’s rules resolution for Trump’s impeachment trial.

During a press conference, Sen. Schumer said:

The Republican leader will offer an organizing resolution that outlines his plan for the rules of the trial, which was only released last night. Amazingly waited till the very end and now we see why. It is completely partisan. It was kept secret until the eve of the trial and now that it’s finally being made public, it obvious to see why leader McConnell was keeping it so close to his vest. Because the McConnell rules seem to be designed by President Trump for President Trump. Simply executed by Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans.

It appears that Leader McConnell decided to go along with the president’s desire to cover up his wrongdoing, hook, line, and sinker, and it almost seems that the resolution was written in the White House, not in the Senate.



Mitch McConnell has been bragging about coordinating with Trump on the impeachment trial, so it is not a far leap of logic to conclude that McConnell’s one-sided impeachment trial rules that only benefit the president were devised by Trump.

Adam Schiff and the House impeachment managers told McConnell that he can’t escape the truth through a rigged process, and Sen. Schumer is shedding some light on the fact that it was Trump and his henchman McConnell who cooked up this plan to turn the impeachment trial into a farce.

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