Schumer Refuses To Allow McConnell To Speed Up Impeachment Trial

Mitch McConnell asked Chuck Schumer to stack all of his amendments for a single vote, Schumer said no and refused to allow McConnell to speed up the impeachment trial.

Transcript of the exchange between Schumer and McConnell:

McConnell: I would ask consent to ask the Democratic Leader, since there is a certain similarity to all these amendments, whether he might be willing to enter into a consent agreement to stack these votes.

Schumer: The bottom line is very simple. As has been clear to every senator and the country, we believe witnesses and documents are extremely important, and a compelling case has been made for them. We will have votes on all of those.

We will also — the leader, without consulting us, made changes, a number of significant changes that significantly deviated from the 1999 Clinton resolution. We want to change those. So there will be a good number of votes. We are willing to do some of those votes tomorrow. There’s no reason we have to do them all tonight and inconvenience the senate and the chief justice, but we will not back off on getting votes on all of these amendments which we regard as extremely significant and important to the country.


Schumer has found the flaw in Mitch McConnell’s sham impeachment trial, and he is refusing to allow the Majority Leader to railroad the Senate through a show trial. Democrats have outsmarted McConnell, who has had to make concessions to members of his own party and has seen himself outwitted by Democrats at the trial.

Mitch McConnell’s sham trial is turning into a slog.

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