Democrats Outsmart McConnell As His Sham Trial Backfires

Democratic House impeachment managers and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer have used McConnell’s sham trial against him to make their impeachment case.

Mitch McConnell is trying to rush through the impeachment trial, but Schumer and the House Democrats came up with a smart strategy.

Sen. Schumer (D-NY) has introduced a variety of amendments relating to subpoenas for documents and witness testimony. Each amendment comes with two equally divided hours of debate. While Trump’s lawyers whine and complain about how late it is getting, the House impeachment managers are using every single second of the time to make the case against Donald Trump.

The Trump impeachment trial is just as much about educating the American people about Trump’s behavior as it about the decision on whether to convict and remove the president.

At one point, the Senate went into a quorum as McConnell’s plan had come unglued and his fantasy of a fast trial was going up in smoke.

Mitch McConnell spent years slowing down the Senate and obstructing Barack Obama, so it is fitting that when he is in a rush, Democrats have come up with the perfect plan to both make their case and slow him down.

Democrats have already gotten two extra days added to the impeachment trial, and there may be more to come, as McConnell’s high-speed sham trial is being ground to a halt.

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