Trump Sends Mike Pompeo To Ukraine To Keep Them Quiet During Impeachment Trial

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going to Ukraine next week in a move seen by some as done to keep the Ukrainians quiet during the impeachment trial.

Buzzfeed News reported:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Ukraine next week, just as the Senate’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump on charges he sought to pressure Ukraine’s government into investigating Joe Biden heats up.


Ivan Yakovina, a foreign policy columnist for Ukraine’s Novoye Vremya newsmagazine, said one reason for Pompeo’s trip could be to make sure that “no bad surprises would come from Kyiv during the Trump Senate trial.”

“I mean no word-to-word transcripts of the relevant phone calls or other documents will leak,” he said. “If I were him I would assure the Ukrainians that they will be rewarded if nothing unexpected happens during the trial. And punished if comrade Trump’s enemies will get some sort of help or comfort from Kyiv.”

It is odd that an administration that only pays attention to Ukraine when they are trying to extort them into investigating Joe Biden sends the Secretary of State to visit on the same week that Trump’s impeachment trial is going on.

Trump sent Pompeo to Ukraine to keep them quiet during the impeachment trial. Pompeo is a player in the Ukraine plot. He is not a public servant going overseas to perform the work of the American people. Pompeo has a personal interest in making sure that nothing comes out of Ukraine while the trial is going on.

Trump and Pompeo want to keep Ukraine silent until after Mitch McConnell’s sham impeachment trial has reached its predetermined conclusion.

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