Adam Schiff Masterfully Forces Republicans To Listen To Trump’s Corruption

In a powerhouse presentation, Adam Schiff is forcing Republican Senators to hear the evidence of Trump’s corruption.

Schiff said:

This is a president who truly feels that, under article two, he can do whatever he wants. And that includes coercing an ally to help him cheat. In an election. And if he’s successful, it’s not a remedy for that. A remedy in which the president can cheat is no remedy at all. Which is why we’re here. This was not about corruption, which brings me to number ten.

The ten reasons you know President Trump put himself first. Ironically the president has argued his corrupt conduct in soliciting sham investigations was driven by his concerns about corruption in Ukraine. This attempt to legitimize his efforts is not credible, not the least bit believable given the mountain of evidence in the president’s corrupt intent. There is no evidence that president trump care said one wit about anticorruption efforts at all. That’s the tenant reason you know this was political.


Schiff’s presentation will have 2020 consequences because the vulnerable Republican incumbent Senators who are running for reelection are going to have to go home and explain to their constituents how they were able to ignore the evidence that put right in front of their faces and vote not to convict Donald Trump.

Rep. Schiff is forcing Republicans to hear the truth about their president. The American people are watching and the Senators who are denying reality are going to have to face the voters and explain their denial of reality.

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