Republicans Are Whining That They Want The Weekend Off From The Impeachment Trial

Senators continue to show that they don’t care about the impeachment trial by trying to get the schedule changed, so they have the weekend off.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

The suspicion is that Republican Senators are the ones who are asking for the weekend off because they are the ones, who for the most part have been walking out and absent for long stretches of the impeachment trial.

Senators are being asked to do the jobs that they are being paid to do, and right now that job involves sitting down, being quiet, and fulfilling their constitutional duty to act as jurors in Trump’s impeachment trial.

If this job is too hard, or if any of these complaints happen to be coming from the Senators who are running for the Democratic presidential nomination, which is doubtful because none of them have expressed regret over being at the trial, there is a simple solution.

Any Senator who doesn’t want to uphold the oath they took at the beginning of the trial can quit the Senate, and do whatever they choose with their time.

The constant complaining from Senators who are acting as jurors is an insult to people who break their backs, sometimes working multiple jobs each week to make ends meet.

The Senate voted for these rules, and they should stick to them, so sorry spoiled millionaires, you can’t have the weekend off.

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