Schumer Rips GOP Senate Cowards For Fearing The Truth

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) where he blasted Republicans for fearing and not wanting to know the truth about Trump and Ukraine.

Schumer said:

I don’t see how any senator, Democrat or Republican, could sit on the floor, listen to Adam Schiff and the House impeachment managers and not demand witnesses and documents, unless, that is, they’re not interested in the truth, that they’re afraid of the truth, that they know the president is hiding the truth. I think the case for witnesses and documents is so self-evident that many of my Republican colleagues are desperate to talk about anything else. They’re so eager to change the conversation from witnesses and documents from over the question of fairness of the trial that they’re inventing shiny objects and so-called outrages.

We don’t know what the next one will be, but it will surely be something irrelevant to a fair trial. Because they don’t want to debate that issue. So they try to turn you, the press and the American people away to look at something else that has nothing to do with the make no mistake about it, the issue of relevant evidence, documents and witnesses, is going to come back up and Senate Republicans will have the power to bring that evidence into the trial.

Sen. Schumer made the point that public pressure is the only way to end the Republican obstruction of a fair trial. If the public pressures the vulnerable 2020 Republican Senate incumbents, they will pressure McConnell, and changes will be made.

The Republican incumbents who are facing difficult reelection campaigns are making a big mistake in standing with McConnell and hoping that voters forget about their cover-up for Trump, but voters in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, and Maine will remember, and those Republicans who are helping McConnell cover up Trump’s crimes stand to lose their seats in November.

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