Adam Schiff Just Preemptively Destroyed Trump’s Impeachment Defense

In the Democrats’ closing argument, Adam Schiff stood up and preemptively obliterated the expected defense that will be presented by Trump’s lawyers.

Schiff said:

Now, shortly the president’s lawyers will have a chance to make their presentation. And as we will not have the ability to respond to what they say, I want to give you a little preview of what I think they’re going to have in store for you so when you do hear it, you can put it into some perspective. I expect that they will attack the process. I don’t think that’s any mystery. But I want to tell you both what I expect they will share with you and what it really means when you cut through all the chaff, what does it mean what they are saying. Here’s what I suspect that they will tell you. The process was so unfair. It was the most unfair in the history of the world. Because the house took depositions. How dare they take depositions. How dare they listen to Trey Gowdy, how dare they follow the Republican procedures that

preceded their investigation. How dare they. And they were so secret. In the bunker in the basement as if whether it’s on the ground floor, basement, or first floor makes any difference. Those super-secret depositions in which only 100 members of congress equivalent to the entire senate could participate. That’s how secret they were. That’s how exclusive they were. Every Democrat, every Republican on three committees could participate. That wasn’t enough. So, even more, stormed the skiff.

You heard earlier. But the Republicans weren’t allowed to participate. That’s just false. You know how we did it in those super-secret depositions? And you can look this up yourself because we released them. We got an hour, they got an hour. We got 45 minutes, they got 45 minutes. We did that back and forth until everyone was done asking their questions.

You hear, oh, Chairman Schiff was so unfair, he wouldn’t allow us to ask our questions. Well, there were certain questions I didn’t allow. Questions like who is the whistle-blower? Because we want to punish that whistle-blower. Because, yes, some of us in this House and in this House believe we ought to protect whistle-blowers. So, yes, I did not allow the outing of the whistle-blower. So when they say the chairman wouldn’t allow certain questions, that’s what they mean.


Chairman Schiff stepped up and took apart every single element of Trump’s expected defense. The Trump team can’t dispute the facts, so they will try to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks.

After three days of solid legal arguments and evidence, the conspiracy circus is coming to town, but Adam Schiff is ready and waiting for them.

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