Lev Parnas’s Lawyer Calls For The Release Of Incriminating Trump Tape

Joseph Bondy, the lawyer for Lev Parnas, called on Congress to release the tape of Trump demanding the former ambassador to Ukraine be taken out.

Bondy said on MSNBC, “I hope they make it public. I was noting Senator Schumer saying we have to make it public. I think we have to hear the I think that’s the best way we have to ensure our chances of having a fair trial or a real trial if you will.”

Parnas’s lawyer didn’t rule out releasing the tape himself, “Well, maybe we will, but I want to listen to the full tape as you might imagine as Mr. Parnas’s lawyer. I think it’s important that it gets out there. I think this is one of the most important ways that we can try to push the issue of having a trial that’s not like a mime show that has evidence and witnesses and we know the time is short.”


The best way forward would be for the House Intelligence Committee to release the tape ASAP. Senate Republicans are going to do everything that they can to prevent the tape from playing a role in Trump’s trial, but the public needs to hear this recording in order to understand that Trump has been working on the Ukraine plot for a long time and that the president has been lying about his role in the scheme.

Either way, it looks like the tape will be coming out soon, and when it does, Trump is going to have an even bigger set of political woes to tweet about.

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