Trump Throws A Fit Because His Defense Will Start On Saturday

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:55 am

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Trump is throwing a tantrum because his impeachment defense will start on Saturday, a day of the week of low TV viewership.

Trump tweeted:

Trump doesn’t have any idea how the impeachment trial was set up, so he is lying. Mitch McConnell and the Republican majority set the schedule. Democrats proposed moving everything up a day and finishing on Friday night/Saturday. Trump’s lawyers opposed it, and Senate Republicans voted it down.

Trump is correct on one point. The viewership for Trump’s impeachment defense is going to be low. His Biden conspiracies are going to be banished to the weekend where few people will see them, but it is his own fault.

If the president and Mitch McConnell had agreed to a fair and unrushed trial schedule, Trump’s defense wouldn’t be starting over the weekend. Trump can only blame himself for the sham impeachment trial that he and Mitch McConnell have cooked up.

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