Mike Pompeo Issues Lie Filled Statement Attacking NPR

Mike Pompeo had the State Department issue a lie-filled statement attacking NPR because they asked him about Ukraine.

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Pompeo was outraged that All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly asked him about Ukraine. After the interview, NPR reported that Pompeo shouted at the reporter and dropped F-bombs. He then had an assistant get a map, and made the host point to Ukraine on a map.

Once the story became public, Pompeo made the State Department issue a statement that attacked NPR and lied about the exchange:

Pompeo wants the world to believe that Kelly, who has a Masters in European Studies from Cambridge, didn’t know where Ukraine was on a map.

It is pretty obvious who is lying, and it isn’t the All Things Considered host who has nothing to gain from not telling the truth.

The great unanswered question is, why is Pompeo so sensitive to questions about Ukraine? If the president and his administration did nothing wrong, Pompeo should have no problem with answering questions about the former Ambassador to Ukraine.

The answer is that Pompeo’s hands are also dirty on the Ukraine plot, and he is afraid of questions because he knows that any answer will only dig himself in deeper.

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