Republicans Fake Anger At Adam Schiff To Distract From Cover-Up For Trump

Republicans are faking anger at Adam Schiff and using it as an excuse for their predetermined votes not to convict Donald Trump.

Sen. James Langford (R-OK) said on MSNBC:

It was genuine umbrage. I know everyone is trying to say this is false flags that Republicans wear their emotions on their sleeves, that’s ridiculous. We know we’ve had plenty of attacks. It was the implication from Adam Schiff that all senators live in fear of the president. They know the president is going to take them down and put their head on the pike, and you’re all a party to him, and you’re all in this conspiracy.

That’s what he was saying. It was genuine frustration. In the room, it was the first audible statement of the crowd back to him as he’s speaking to say that’s not true. And most of us have been sitting in the hearing all day and not heard anyone bring it up. Someone mentioned it to me early in the morning. I thought, what crazy statement is that? I heard of that and then for Adam Schiff to bring it up, to say I hope it’s not true, but I understand, it was absurd to make that statement.


Senate Republicans are faking their anger and outrage at Schiff. Notice that they never dispute the facts of the case that Schiff and the House managers put on. The head on a pike quote fake anger at Schiff is another outrage distraction that Republicans are going to use to justify their votes not to convict Donald Trump.

The anger is fake, but Senate Republicans are embarrassed that Schiff called out their cowardice and bowing to Trump.

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