Even Fox News’s Poll Shows Voters Want Trump Gone

The latest Fox News poll shows that 50% of registered voters want President Donald Trump convicted and removed from office by the Senate.

Via Fox News:

On impeachment, by a 50-44 percent margin, voters think the Senate should vote to convict Trump and remove him from office. Most Democrats say remove (81 percent) and most Republicans disagree (84 percent). Among independents, more say Trump should be removed by a 19-point margin (53-34 percent).

For comparison, around the time former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial began in January 1999, some 38 percent said the Senate should remove him from office, and 65 percent approved of the job he was doing as president.

When asked about the Trump impeachment trial, more voters by a narrow 4-point margin say the Senate already has enough information to make its decision (48 percent) than say additional witnesses should testify (44 percent).

Trump got a 56% approval rating for his handling of the economy, but that was the only issue that he registered a positive job approval rating on. Trump’s overall job approval is underwater, and 50% of voters want him gone.

There are signs in this poll that other factors, specifically Trump’s character, and issues like health care will matter more than the overall perception of the economy. Republicans tried to save the House by running on the economy in 2018 and got waxed. Republican gubernatorial candidates tried to cozy up to Trump on the economy in the last year plus and lost.

The overriding impression from all of the polling is that voters want to correct 2016 and send Trump on a permanent golf vacation at his own expense.

The conventional wisdom looks to be wrong.

It’s not the economy, stupid.

It is everything, but the economy, dummy.

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