Trump Tweets Inaccurate Kobe Bryant News As Rockets Hit US Embassy

Trump was tweeting incorrect information about the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash as rockets were reported hitting the US embassy in Baghdad.

Trump tweeted:

This is what was going on as Trump was tweeting inaccurate Kobe Bryant news:

While Trump was tweeting out an inaccurate Kobe Bryant report that he likely got from Fox News, rockets were hitting the US embassy in Baghdad.

This is why the White House used to have a functioning Communications Office. The President Of The United States should be focused on protecting American troops, not live-tweeting incorrect Fox News reports.

The White House Press Secretary could release a statement about the death of Kobe Bryant, while Trump should be focused on the actual duties required by the presidency.

Kobe Bryant’s death is a big story, but it is not the job of the president to be tweeting Fox News reports as rockets hit a US embassy.

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