Sen. Angus King Predicts 10 or More Republicans Will Vote For Docs And Witnesses

Sen. Angus King predicted that ten or more Republican Senators won’t be able to defend hiding Bolton’s testimony, so they will vote for documents and witnesses.

Sen. King (I-ME) said on MSNBC:

I don’t have a feel for it based upon any conversations. Okay? A reporter came up to me saying who are the people you think? I don’t have names. I don’t even — I couldn’t look at the list and say yes, no, yes, no. I think it’s very hard for anybody to say that they’re not interested. I think there will be ten or more that will say, we at least have to look at calling witnesses an then we go and talk about each one individually.

So I’ll be surprised if the motion fails, you know, the Republicans ought to build a statue of Mitch McConnell on the mall because that’s party unity the likes of which is never seen. I don’t think that will happen. I think you will see a number of perhaps double digits of Republicans are going to say, look, we can’t defend this.

Sen. King’s prediction matches up with other reports that a group of Republican Senators is about to break with the Trump/McConnell cover-up and vote for subpoenaing documents and witnesses.

If the resolution on documents and witnesses passes, then there will be a series of votes on who and what gets subpoenaed, and the sham impeachment trial vanishes and a real process takes its place.

The argument being made by Trump’s lawyers is embarrassing, and if vulnerable Senate Republicans want to avoid the wrath of the American people, they will need to vote in favor of documents and witnesses.

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