Trump’s Lawyers Humiliate Themselves With Video Of Pelosi Handing Out Pens

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow played a video of Nancy Pelosi handing out pens in a humiliating moment for the president’s impeachment defense.

Sekulow said, “Judge Starr laid out before you the solemn nature of these proceedings. I want to contrast the solemn nature of these proceedings and what has been laid out before us from a both historical and constitutional perspectives. And I want you to think about this, the history, the importance, the solemnity in what we’re engaged in here in this great body. With what took place in the house of representatives upon the signing of articles of impeachment. Pens distributed to the impeachment managers. A celebratory moment. Think about that. Think about this. A poignant moment.”


There is a problem with the picture that Sekulow was painting. In the video that Trump’s lawyer played, Democrats weren’t celebrated. There was no one smiling in the video. There was no lighthearted joy over the signing of the articles of impeachment.

The Trump defense team has no argument to make, so they are making up stories that aren’t matched with their own video.

Trump’s lawyers are humiliating themselves with one nonsensical point after another.

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