Somebody In Trump’s Own White House Leaked John Bolton’s Book

John Bolton turned over one copy of his book to the White House for review. The White House made copies, and then somebody leaked it.

Carol Lee of NBC News reported:

They gave a single copy of the manuscript to the white house for that very sort of routine review that anyone who has worked in an administration with the kind of access that John Bolton did would have to undergo if they’re writing a book, a national security review. And given that the Bolton team says they had nothing to do with leak of the contents of the book which they’re also not confirming or denying, it appears that there would have had to have been copies made of the book.

Essentially hard to get your head around the idea one copy of a book and everyone is passing it around, and all those people are going and talking to reporters about what they read in this one copy that they’ve all been sharing. So it suggests that there are multiple copies floating around, and from the Bolton team’s perspective they’re saying we gave them one copy. What they did with it, we don’t know, but clearly it’s gotten out there and it’s not coming from us. They really want to distance themselves from the idea that he is somehow behind leaking this.


Bolton followed all the rules for review of his manuscript, but someone in Trump’s own White House leaked damaging material from the book that has resulted in Senate Republicans reversing course and are likely passing a resolution to call witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial.
None of this would be happening and Trump’s impeachment trial would have been over by Friday without the leak from Trump’s administration.

Someone inside Trump’s own White House is trying to get rid of him, and they leaked John Bolton’s book to do it.

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