Senate Republicans Freak Out And Demand Trump’s Trial End NOW

Senate Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John Barrasso are demanding that no witnesses be called and the Senate move to a final vote.

Graham argued against any witnesses:

Barrasso wants the Senate to move on to the final vote:

Sen. Barrasso’s statement could have been made for the trial started. It is a sign that many Senate Republicans made up their mind before the trial started. There is a group of red-state Republicans who are going to go down with the Trump ship because they are worried about crossing an incumbent president who is popular in their home states.

Senate Republicans are scared. The Trump cover-up club is trying to put an end to this trial before Bolton and other witnesses can testify because they know it is only going to get worse for Trump and their party.

The Republicans are freaked out, which is why they are trying to push Trump’s trial to an immediate end.