Trump Praises Pompeo For Screaming F-Bombs At NPR Host

Trump praised his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for screaming F-bombs at an NPR host who asked him about Ukraine during an interview.

Trump said, “Of course, our great Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. That’s impressive. That was very impressive. That reporter couldn’t have done too good of a job on you yesterday. Think you did a good job on her, actually.”


Trump was praising Pompeo for screaming and yelling f-bombs at NPR All Things Considered co-host Mary Louise Kelly because she asked him about Ukraine during an interview.

The president’s remarks reveal that he has created a culture both in the White House and the Republican Party where bullying and protecting Trump’s crimes are praised and elevated.

The way to win favor with Donald Trump is to be a bully and be willing to cover-up and protect this president at all costs. Competence and integrity are negatives that will be punished.

Mike Pompeo disgraced the State Department and the United States government with his outburst, but he is rewarded by Trump with compliments and a pat on the back.

The 2020 election isn’t about issues. It’s about removing a cancer of a human being from the Oval Office.

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