Alan Dershowitz Loses It And Rants About Clinton and Obama At Impeachment Trial

Alan Dershowitz came unglued at Trump’s impeachment trial and starting ranting about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and how everyone else is wrong but him.

Dershowitz said:

By the way, the congressman was just completely wrong when he said, I’m not the only scholar who supports this position. In the 19th Century, which is much closer in time to when the framers wrote, Dean Dwight of the Columbia law school wrote that the weight of authority by which he meant the weight of scholarly authority and the weight of judicial authority, this is 1867. The weight of authority is in favor of requiring a crime. Justice Curtis came to the same conclusion.

Others have come to a similar conclusion. You asked what happened between 1998 and the current that changed my mind? What happened between the 19th century and the 20th century to change the minds of so many scholars? Let me tell you what happened. What happened was the current president was impeached. If in fact President Obama or President Hillary Clinton had been impeached, the weight of current scholarship would be clearly in favor of my position.

Because these scholars do not pass the shoe on the other foot these scholars are influenced by their own bias, by their own politics, and their views should be taken with that in mind. They simply do not give objective assessments of the constitutional history.


Dershowitz’s argument boils down to claiming that everyone is biased, but him, and everyone is also wrong about impeachment, but him. The argument is very Trumpian. Trump claims that everyone else is lying, but him, and his lawyer is arguing that he is the only scholar liberal or conservative who understands the true intent of the Founders on impeachment.
Alan Dershowitz is unhinged, and since he can’t defend his theory with precedent, he is taking a page from Fox News by complaining about bias while proclaiming himself to be the only source of truth.

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