Trump’s New Border Wall Just Fell Over In California

The wind knocked down Trump’s new section of border wall that he claimed would stop immigrants from getting into the United States.

CNN reported:

Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds Wednesday, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border.


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Agent Carlos Pitones of the Customs and Border Protection sector in El Centro, California, told CNN that the sections that gave way had recently been set in a new concrete foundation in Calexico, California. The concrete had not yet cured, according to Pitones, and the wall panels were unable to withstand the windy conditions.

The National Weather Service reports that winds in the area gusted as high as 37 mph Wednesday.

The wall was knocked down, not by hurricane-force winds. All it took was a fairly stiff breeze. Most of the country has faced wind gusts of more than 37 mph at some point during the 2019-2020 winter.

Trump’s border wall has faced other problems. People have been going to the hardware store and sawing through his wall in minutes along the Texas/Mexico border.

The president has convinced himself that the wall is working, but just like every other Trump project, the wall is bad idea that is destined to fall down.

Trump only promised to build a wall. He didn’t say anything about it staying up.

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