Mike Pence Falls Apart As Doctor Confronts Him On Medicaid Cuts

Dr. Rob Davidson confronted Mike Pence about the Trump administration’s plan to cut Medicaid, and the Vice President deflected, lied, and fell apart.

Part one of Dr. Davidson’s video:

Dr. Davidson is a doctor who treats patients who rely on Medicaid in Michigan confronted Pence on the administration’s proposal to block grant Medicaid. Pence first denies knowledge of the proposal, then falsely claimed that the change only applied to states that didn’t expand Medicaid, then laughably claimed that cutting federal funding to Medicaid would expand the program.

Here is part two of the video:

In this section of the video, Pence disagreed with the factual statement that cutting funds for Medicaid results in fewer people having coverage.

Pence fell apart and couldn’t justify the administration’s cuts to Medicaid. The video illustrated why healthcare will be a powerful issue in the election. Every person who loses their coverage under Trump is a potential Democratic voter in 2020.

Pence was flailing and lost, as he had no defense for a plan that could cost millions of Americans their health insurance.

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