Adam Schiff Just Called Out Trump On The Senate Floor For Pushing Russian Propaganda

Adam Schiff called out Trump for pushing Russian propaganda during the question and answer session of the impeachment trial.

Schiff said:

If Secretary Pompeo was correct and you can’t use your own intelligence agencies, you sure shouldn’t be able to use the Russian ones or the Ukrainian ones. And here, you know, we have the president on that phone call pushing out this Russian propaganda.

This Russian intelligence service propaganda, Crowdstrike. The server. As if there was just one server and it was whisked away to Ukraine. The Ukrainians hacked the server, not Russians. Made for you in the Kremlin conspiracy theory that undermines our own intelligence agencies but suit the political interests of the president and his legal agent Rudy Giuliani is out there peddling this fiction. The president himself is out there promoting this fiction standing side by side with Vladimir Putin. But you’re absolutely right. It would be a monumental abuse of power and it is a monumental abuse of power.

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Chairman Schiff was correct. Trump is pushing Russian propaganda. The president believes Russian propaganda over the US intelligence community.

The impeachment trial is exposing the willingness of Republican Senators to turn a blind eye to any Trump crime. Republicans should be demanding documents and witnesses. Instead, they are scheming ways to end this trial as soon as possible.

Donald Trump is pushing Russian propaganda and Senate Republicans are doing nothing to stop him.

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