Adam Schiff And House Managers Deliver A Chilling Warning To Mitch McConnell


Lead House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff and his fellow impeachment managers warned Mitch McConnell that the truth couldn’t be denied for long.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, the House managers said:

Senators just voted to make this the first impeachment trial in the history of the United States without witnesses and documents, which were blocked by President Trump during the inquiry.


The House Managers proved their case with a mountain of evidence, as some Republican Senators have acknowledged. And there is more direct evidence of the President’s corrupt scheme only a subpoena away. But, at the President’s urging, the Senate chose not to hear from people like John Bolton, knowing they would only add to the overwhelming evidence of the President’s guilt.

The truth cannot be denied, not for long, and the facts will continue to come out as they did today. Senators who opposed hearing from these witnesses, when their testimony would have better informed a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the President, will be hard pressed to explain why.

Senators chose instead to set a dangerous precedent that will have long-lasting repercussions for the United States Congress, the balance of powers, and our democracy as a whole.

Schiff is right. With each new revelation in the Ukraine scandal, the truth is coming out. Mitch McConnell can hold a sham trial. He can rig the process to deny documents and witnesses, but what he can’t do is hide the truth.

The new Senate schedule that delays the final vote on the articles of impeachment until Wednesday is a dangerous time for Republicans. With new information coming out daily, the truth will be revealed, and Trump and his accomplices will pay a price for their cover-up.

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