Trump Throws A Fit Because He Won’t Be Acquitted Before SOTU

Trump believes that Mitch McConnell got rolled and thinks that the Senate should have stayed in session through Saturday to acquit him before the State Of The Union.

The White House said that Trump signed off on the Senate deal:

But, Chad Pergram of Fox News tweeted out Trump’s real feelings:

Trump made the comment about the Senate working through Saturday, while he was either on his way to or at his private club in Florida.

The White House consistently lies, so it is likely that Trump’s real feelings are reflected in the tweet from the Fox News congressional reporter, not the White House statement.

It was public knowledge that Trump wanted to be acquitted before his State Of The Union, and there was talk that he was planning on using his Super Bowl Sunday interview with Sean Hannity to take a victory lap on national television in front of the biggest audience of the year.

None of that will happen now, as Trump will not be acquitted by McConnell’s sham trial until Wednesday of next week.

Donald Trump may not be removed from office, but he will always be impeached.

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