Pelosi Sets Up McConnell’s Republicans With Vote On Medicaid Cuts

Pelosi and Hoyer announced that the House will be voting on Trump’s cuts to Medicaid, which means that Senate Republicans will be forced to vote on it too.

House to vote on Trump Medicaid cuts

Pelosi and Hoyer announced the House vote for on February 6 in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “On Thursday, the House will consider a resolution to disapprove of President Trump’s proposed cuts to Medicaid services through his new illegal block-grant scheme. Congress has a responsibility to protect Medicaid beneficiaries from the harm that would be caused by this new guidance. The goal of this new waiver is clear: reduce access to health care for millions of low-income Americans, including access to affordable prescription drugs. The Democratic-led House will not allow this challenge to health care access in our country to go unanswered.”

Senate Republicans will have go on the record as supporting cutting healthcare

Speaker Pelosi is going to make the 2020 election about healthcare. She is setting McConnell and his vulnerable Senate Republican incumbents up. Once the House passes their resolution, Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer will be able to force a vote on it in the Senate.

Republican Senate incumbents like Colorado, North Carolina, and Arizona will have to go on the record as supporting taking away health insurance from millions of Americans.

Trump is already worried that Democrats are killing him on healthcare, and votes like this one could flip the Senate in November.

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