Devin Nunes’s Hometown Paper Calls For Him To Be Replaced

The Fresno Bee has called for voters to replace Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) because he is more interested in defending Trump than representing his district.

The Fresno Bee Editorial Board wrote:

Two years ago, The Bee did not recommend Republican Devin Nunes for the 22nd District congressional seat. He had previously received the paper’s recommendation in every campaign since he was first elected in 2002.

What changed? Nunes himself. He became obsessed with defending President Donald Trump against the Mueller investigation, to the point of violating well-established protocol while running the powerful House Intelligence Committee.

Sadly, Nunes has continued to fail his district and has peddled wild conspiracy theories about how Democrats are out to get the president. He does so despite the fact that Congress is an independent branch of government. And he has not seriously considered whether any of the points Democrats have made in the impeachment process might be legitimate; not even once has he opened his mind to the possibility that Trump used the office of the president to conduct foreign affairs for his own personal gain.

Nunes has raised $7.2 million for his reelection campaign by being a stooge for Donald Trump. Devin Nunes was implicated in the Ukraine plot as his chief of staff met with Lev Parnas and Nunes himself wanted to be involved but had to lay low due to the fact that he is under a House Ethics Committee investigation.

The hometown newspaper of Nunes is sounding the alarm. Nunes doesn’t represent his district. He is obviously part of the Trump corruption cash in. Devin Nunes is more interested in representing Donald Trump than the 22nd District, which is why The Bee is recommending that he be replaced.

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