Trump Is Trying To Use Bernie Sanders To Divide Democrats

It’s the 2016 playbook all over again, as Donald Trump is trying to fuel resentment among Sanders supporters to divide Democrats.

Trump tweeted:

We’ve all been here before. Trump knows that he can’t beat a united Democratic Party, so he is using Sen. Bernie Sanders to divide Democrats. Trump is likely to have used this tactic if there was a solid second non-Biden candidate, whether that was Sanders or not in the Democratic primary.

Two things are clear. Trump is desperate to face Sanders who he called a communist during his Super Bowl interview with Sean Hannity:

Secondly, Trump doesn’t want to face Joe Biden and is trying to use Sanders to divide Democrats and weaken Biden if he is the nominee in the fall.

It is the same playbook that Trump and the Russians ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump is trying to divide the party, which is why all Democratic primary voters will have to unify, no matter who wins the nomination.