Susan Collins’ Challenger Calls Her A Trump-McConnell Puppet After Acquittal Announcement

Susan Collins’ Democratic opponent is already making the vulnerable Republican senator pay for announcing she will vote to acquit Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

In a statement following Collins’ announcement, Sara Gideon – the Democratic House speaker in Maine – said she would have voted to convict Trump for abusing his power.

“Based on the information included as part of the impeachment trial, I believe an abuse of power occurred and I would vote to remove the President,” Gideon said.

“Senator Collins had many opportunities to demand witnesses be included in this trial, but instead she repeatedly blocked that testimony,” she added. “Her decision to acquit despite the case against the President and without hearing more of the facts again reveals her commitment to standing with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.”

The full statement via Gideon’s Twitter account:

Collins has no business being in the U.S. Senate

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote earlier on Tuesday, Susan Collins began to write her political obituary when she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It’s been a year and a half since that vote took place, but people in Maine and across the country have not forgotten. They increasingly recognize that Collins isn’t the sensible moderate that she pretends to be.

Instead, she has repeatedly fallen in line behind the most corrupt and incompetent president in U.S. history while being busted for her own dark money corruption.

Susan Collins’ announcement that she’ll vote to acquit Donald Trump isn’t all that surprising to folks who have been paying attention, but it should be the final nail in her political coffin.

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