Susan Collins Kisses Her Senate Seat Goodbye As She Says There’s Evidence To Acquit Trump


Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) inaccurately claimed that there is evidence to acquit to Trump which is why she is voting against convicting the president.

Collins told CNN’s Manu Raju:


Collins also claimed that Trump had learned a giant lesson from impeachment, so she is voting to acquit him.

Once Susan Collins voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, her political future was on life support. Her vote in favor of witnesses and documents in the impeachment trial was nothing more than the token Collins gesture of moderation as she fell in line with Donald Trump.

Collins has chosen to sell herself out to illegal dark money and Donald Trump.

She is not the moderate that she has sold herself as, and Sen. Collins should wave goodbye to her Senate seat when she votes to acquit Trump.

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