Republicans acquit Trump

52 Republican Traitors Betray Their Country By Acquitting Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his caucus of Trump criminal accomplices betrayed their country when the acquitted a guilty president.

Before the votes, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said, “For a foreign country to attempt such a thing on its own is contemptible. For an American president to deliberately solicit such a thing—to blackmail a foreign country into helping him win an election—is unforgivable. Does this rise to the level of an impeachable offense? Of course it does. Of course it does.”

On Article I, Republicans fell into line with the scheme and acquitted Trump by a party-line vote 52-48. On Article II, 53 Republicans voted for Trump acquittal as Romney voted not guilty.

Mitch McConnell rigged a sham trial that did not allow documents or witnesses. McConnell was open about working with Trump to make sure that he was acquitted. Republicans can’t claim that they made their decisions based on the evidence because they didn’t allow any additional evidence to admitted outside of the House record.

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The actions of Senate Republicans in acquitting Donald Trump will stain each of their legacies and follow them into election day and beyond, but more importantly, they have participated in allowing Trump to erode impeachment and degrade the power of the Senate.

The Republican Senators who voted to acquit Trump for their own partisan reasons have committed a crime against the Constitution and their country.

The sham impeachment trial has revealed the Republican Party for what it really is. The GOP is a corrupt and broken party with no values that has sold itself out to Donald Trump. Americans have gotten to see for themselves what the Republican Party really is.

Mitt Romney was the only Republican with the courage to stand up for his country.
The vote was bipartisan to remove Trump, but it wasn’t enough.

Voters will have the chance to render a verdict on Trump at the ballot box, but this election should not be about just about Trump, but the need to remove a party that rotted with corruption from the Legislative Branch in November.

The McConnell led treasonous betrayal of a nation will not be forgotten.

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