GOP Senators Demand Biden Documents Moments After Bipartisan Vote To Convict Trump

Just moments after a bipartisan vote to convict and remove Donald Trump from office, Republican senators requested documents on Joe Biden son’s, Hunter.

CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson reported on Twitter that Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) asked the Secret Service for Hunter Biden’s travel records.

According to The Hill, the two Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to the Secret Service saying they need the documents as part of an investigation into “potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration.”

More from the report:

“We write to request information about whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business, to include his work for Rosemont Seneca and related entities in China and Ukraine,” the two senators added.

As part of their request, the senators specifically want to know what sort of security detail Hunter Biden received while his father served as vice president, and a list of all dates and places Hunter Biden traveled with a protective detail.

They specifically want to know if he traveled on Air Force One or Air Force Two, the presidential and vice presidential aircraft, or on another government aircraft, and whether additional family members were present for each trip.

The Trump-era Republican Party has no soul

Outside of Mitt Romney, who courageously put politics aside to do what was right for the country, the Republican Party has completely sold its soul to the most corrupt and dangerous president in American history.

It was bad enough that GOP lawmakers betrayed their country on Wednesday by refusing to hold Donald Trump accountable for abusing his office and selling out American democracy for his own personal gain.

Their immediate push to investigate the Bidens – the very thing Trump pushed a foreign power to do, which he was then impeached for – shows they aren’t even pretending to uphold their oath of office.

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