Joe Biden Rips Trump For Giving Rush Limbaugh The Medal Of Freedom

Joe Biden called Donald Trump awarding Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal Of Freedom at the State Of The Union shameful.

Biden said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “In one fell swoop, Trump delivered a speech worthy of the worst demagogue and turned his constitutional obligation to inform Congress about the state of our union into an episode of reality television. He even awarded our nation’s highest civilian honor, not to the real American hero in the gallery — one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen—but a conservative media personality who has done as much as Trump himself to divide our nation. It was a shameful display.”

Rush Limbaugh is a racist, sexist, homophobe hate monger who has made an entire career off of dividing people, so in Trump’s view, he is the perfect person to receive the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Trump’s State Of The Union was designed to appeal only to his base. His speech contained no vision for the future. There was no bold ambition to make the nation better for generations to come.

Trump’s speech was a national embarrassment, and instead of focusing on Nancy Pelosi tearing it up, Republicans and their media sycophants should be happy that she didn’t pull out a lighter and set it on fire because Trump’s MAGA rally disguised as a SOTU was an epic waste of time.

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