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Nicolle Wallace on Romney's vote to convict Trump

Nicolle Wallace: Romney’s Vote To Convict Trump Stains The GOP As Corrupt

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said Mitt Romney’s decision to vote to convict Donald Trump would have long-lasting ramifications in staining the GOP as blind and corrupt.

Wallace said on MSNBC:

Maybe I’m fussy with the abuse of congress and power thing. Maybe colluding with Russia and obstructing the Mueller probe — you know, Romney stood there and I think made every critic of this president who’s disgusted by the flagrant abuse of power, these aren’t accidental abuses of power feel seen and feel heard. Romney stood in the well and he seemed to be reaching for the ghost of John McCain.

I’ll let the family of senator John McCain decide whether he touched it but I think that what Mitt Romney today has ramifications in terms of staining not just the Trump presidency but today’s GOP as corrupt, as blind and as willfully denying the truth that’s about to be laid bare in John Bolton’s book on March 17th.


Romney’s vote will be historic, and by not going along with the Trump sheep, he will be exposing the corruption of his own party. Mitt Romney isn’t John McCain, but his vote is a vote that is McCainesque. Trump can’t do anything to Romney. Trump is so disliked in Utah that Romney’s vote for conviction will only make him even more popular.

Video of Romney:

One Republican showed guts, and in the process, he exposed his entire party.

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