Republicans Are Losing It Because Pelosi Refuses To Normalize Trump

Republicans are losing it because Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi refuses to normalize the lies and behavior of Trump.

Here Pence on Fox News making a big issue out of Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech:

Nikki Haley said that she was “disappointed:”

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said on MSNBC that Pelosi’s actions were about not normalizing Trump, “I think the Speaker has consistently found a dignified way to make clear she is not going to normalize the president’s behavior. She’s walking the line like all of us, making sure people understand that the president should be, in most all cases, respected, and that is a dignified event and she acted that way. But we all have an obligation to find a way to make clear that what the president is saying is false, rooted in a lie, and I think she found a way to do that and I’m proud of her.”

Video of Rep. Maloney:

All Republicans can talk about on the day after their president’s State Of The Union is Nancy Pelosi, which shows the degree to which Trump’s speech was lightweight and completely forgettable.