Susan Collins Runs To Fox News To Complain About Angry Voicemails Following Her Acquittal Vote

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine voted to acquit Donald Trump on Wednesday, and now she’s very upset about the angry voicemails she’s getting.

Collins is so upset, in fact, that she ran to Fox News to complain about the backlash she’s received lately.

During a discussion with Martha MacCallum in which the Fox News host played two expletive-filled voicemails that Collins received in recent days, the Maine lawmaker whined that “it seems we lost the ability in this country to disagree respectfully.”

Collins called the recent voicemails a “continuation of the kind of abuse and harassment that has occurred for my staff, my family and me since my vote for Justice Kavanaugh.”

“I think it’s a sad commentary that we can’t have differences of opinion without resorting to profanity to death threats to vile language,” she added.

The full video of Susan Collins’ appearance on Fox News:

Just a tip for the senator: If you want to win reelection in November, you should probably bring up your vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as little as possible.

Cry us a river, Senator Collins

First of all, no one – including this writer – is condoning death threats against lawmakers in any political party. There is no place for that in the United States.

But here’s the deal: Members of Congress receive angry feedback from voters all the time; it’s part of the job. Collins signed up for it when she decided to run for office.

Now, as she seeks to shield herself from the very appropriate outrage her constituents are feeling over her decision to put the corrupt Donald Trump before her country, she is trying to build sympathy by going on Fox News and playing angry voicemails.

If Susan Collins is looking for sympathy today – the day she so cowardly put her party before her country – then she’s going to have trouble finding it.

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