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Americans Cancel Trump As His SOTU Ratings Plummet 25%

It could be a very bad sign for Trump’s reelection that his State Of The Union viewership plunged by 25% on the broadcast networks.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:
The State of the Union address drew a considerably smaller audience on the broadcast networks than it did a year ago, at least in the preliminary ratings from Tuesday.

President Trump’s address and the Democratic response averaged 15.23 million viewers from 9 to 11 p.m. ET on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in Nielsen’s fast national ratings. That’s down about 25 percent from the comparable figure last year.

CBS topped the broadcast networks with 4.24 million viewers, followed by NBC with 4.05 million, Fox with 3.5 million and ABC with 3.45 million, all pending updates.

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These are fast ratings that don’t include the cable news networks, and the full rating is likely to be revised up, but not 25% worth of up. Trump’s ratings were down for his SOTU, despite the fact that he tried to turn a presidential address into a reality TV fiasco.

Fox News will have done a monster rating, but it is extremely unlikely that Trump’s numbers will come anywhere close to the more than 46 million viewers who watched him last year.

The writing appears to be on the wall. Many Americans are suffering from Trump fatigue. They are ready to move on, as Donald Trump’s presidential act has grown stale.

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