Adam Schiff Was 100% Right On Trump GOP Impeachment Retaliation

Republicans were outraged when Adam Schiff said that Trump would retaliate if they voted against him. It turns out Schiff was 100% correct.

Republicans faked anger at Adam Schiff after he called them out for being afraid to vote to convict Trump.

After Sen. Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump, the White House is sending out anti-Romney talking points:

Republicans sat silently in the East Room of the White House as Trump attacked Romney at his post-impeachment pep rally/ public therapy session.
It turns out that Adam Schiff was right all along. Trump was going to try to destroy anyone from his own party who voted to convict him. Mitt Romney voted his faith and his conscience, and Trump is responding by trying to kick him out of the Republican Party.

A conviction was never going to happen, even though Trump is guilty because Republicans are terrified of this president. American democracy can’t function with one political party and a cult.

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