Forget A Recanvass, Democrats Must Refuse To Seat Iowa Delegates

The DNC has ordered a recanvass of the Iowa caucus, but the party should refuse to seat Iowa delegates unless they are needed to determine the nominee.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez announced the recanvass:

A recanvass isn’t going to fix this mess.

Short of Iowa redoing their caucus, which would outrage both voters and the candidates, the DNC needs to tell Iowa that their delegates won’t be seated unless they are needed to determine the nominee.

Multiple candidates have declared victory. The delegates are going to be split between at least four and as many as five campaigns, so no one campaign would be more harmed than any other by refusing to seat the Iowa delegation.

The DNC also needs to ban caucuses. States choose how they run their process, but the DNC can refuse to accept the results if a state runs a caucus. The caucus system is a constant source of drama and problems. It is time for the caucuses to be retired.

Since there are going to be questioned about any result, the best thing for Democrats is to refuse to seat any delegates from this clusterf— of a caucus.