Pete Buttigieg Torches Mike Pence’s Pearl Clutching Fake Outrage

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg torched Mike Pence after the Vice President claimed that Pelosi ripped up the Constitution.

Transcript of Buttigieg on The View:

Joy Behar: You know, Vice-President Pence compared Nancy Pelosi ripping up the president’s speech — I always wanted to do that — with ripping up the constitution. I know, it’s unbelievable.

Pete Buttigieg: You know what ripping up the constitution looks like? Sending your lawyer into the well of the Senate to say that anything you do, even at the expense of national security, anything you do to benefit your own campaign is by definition the right thing to do and legal. That’s ripping up the constitution.


Buttigieg is having his moment. Bernie Sanders declared victory in Iowa on Thursday, but Mayor Pete beat him to the punch by nearly three days and has been enjoying a bounce in the polls and wall to wall cable news coverage.

The real test for the Buttigieg campaign will come after New Hampshire. Buttigieg has built an impressive operation that paid off in Iowa and should do well in New Hampshire, but it will be make or break time for him when the electorate is less white and more representative of the Democratic Party itself in Nevada, South Carolina, and California.

Being from Indiana, Buttigieg seem to have Mike Pence’s number. He always has a sharp and thoughtful answer when asked about the Vice President, and his response to the Pelosi related pearl-clutching of the VP was perfect.

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