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Republican Congressional Cowards Sit Quietly As Trump Attacks Romney

Trump held a post-acquittal gathering at the White House where he attacked Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans cowered in fear and did nothing.

Trump said, “Then you have some who used religion as a crutch. They never used it before. An article written today, never heard him use it before. But today, you know, it’s one of those things. But it’s a failed presidential candidate, so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president.”


The congressional Republican fear of Trump has never been more obvious than it was during that moment in the White House. Congressional Republicans are spineless cowards who incapable of ever doing the right thing.

Republicans talk a big game and they love to sound tough, but they are afraid of a vindictive senior citizen with a Twitter. This sort of cowardice would never happen in the Democratic Party.

House and Senate Republicans are so afraid to anger their cult leader that they won’t utter a whisper to defend a man who they are privately congratulating for his vote to convict the president of high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Republican Party is a truly lost cause.

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