William Barr Has Shut Down Six Investigations Into Trump

Attorney General William Barr has shut down six separate investigations into Donald Trump and his businesses since he took over the Department of Justice.

Author Don Winslow tweeted that his sources in the DOJ told him that Barr is shutting down investigations into Trump:

The new information matches up with Barr’s memo that notified the DOJ that any investigation into Trump or Pence had to be personally approved by him in writing. Barr is known to have been involved in Trump’s Ukraine plot, and it seems would have no issue with letting the President Of The United States use federal enforcement to attack his political enemies.

If Winslow’s tweet is accurate, William Barr is running around and shutting down investigations into Trump and his businesses. Barr could go down in history as the most corrupt person to ever act as attorney general.

The nation’s top law enforcement official has become nothing more than Trump’s clean up man.

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