Trump jokes about serving 12 or 16 more years

Out Of Control Trump “Jokes” About Trashing The Constitution And Serving 4 Terms

Trump responded to audience chants of four more years at a taxpayer-funded event by telling the crowd to chant 12 more years or 16 more years.

Trump said in North Carolina in response to four more years chants, “If you want to drive them crazy go 12 more years, 16 more years. 16 more years. It’ll drive them crazy. Look at all the fake news back there.”


Donald Trump is 73 years old, doesn’t exercise, and won’t release his health records. It would be shocking if he survived four more years, much less eight or twelve more years. The country has never had a president who so openly and consistently showed disrespect and disdain for the constitution like Trump does.

Trump is trashing institutions and checks and balances on a daily basis, so there is little humor to be found in a “joke” about staying in office for the rest of his life.

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