Sanders and Buttigieg Are Surging In New NH Poll

The new NBC/Marist Poll of New Hampshire reveals that Pete Buttigieg is surging, but Bernie Sanders has vaulted into the lead days before the primary.

NBC News’s Mark Murray tweeted:

The polling this week has been relatively consistent. Buttigieg and Sanders are within the margin of error of each other in New Hampshire. The other interesting race is for third. New Hampshire and Iowa were never going to be good for Joe Biden, but the former vice president needs to avoid another fourth-place finish.

After New Hampshire, the primary electorate will begin to resemble the majority of the Democratic Party. There will be real tests ahead for Sanders and Buttigieg in Nevada and South Carolina.

The Culinary Union is already organizing against Sanders and Warren in Nevada:

Ahead of the debate, look for Buttigieg and Sanders to mix it up, as both need a win in New Hampshire because the road to the Democratic nomination is going to get much more difficult for both of them after the Granite State.

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