Trump Fires Vindman After He Testified Against Him In Impeachment

Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and had security escort him out of the White House because he testified against him in impeachment.

CNN reported:

Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, the top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council, was pushed out of his role Friday months earlier than expected, according to a statement from his attorney. Vindman was not slated to leave until July, but had been telling colleagues in recent weeks he would likely leave soon. It was not his decision to leave, however, according to one person familiar with the situation.

President Donald Trump has continued to fume privately about Vindman’s testimony during the impeachment inquiry, and some Democrats say the move is clearly retribution for it.

Kaitlin Collins tweeted that Vindman was escorted out by security:

Vindman is an expert on Ukraine, but he crossed Trump by testifying in the impeachment trial so he was fired. His firing had nothing to do with his job performance, and it will weaken national security because an expert on Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, has been removed from the National Security Council.

Trump is harming and jeopardizing the nation by replacing experts who disagree with or cross him with corrupt lackeys who will carry out his orders to help him cheat his way to a second term.

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